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Techstars Startup Weekend Tuscaloosa

54 Hours to Bring Your Startup to Life

Rosen Harwood is excited to support budding entreprenuers. If you have been mulling over an idea but do not have a clue how to bring it to life, you should check out Techstars Startup Weekend Tuscaloosa. It all starts tomorrow, February 23rd, 2018.

54 hours, that is all it takes.

In one weekend you can bring a business idea to life. Tuscaloosa's best and brightest designers, developers, entreprenuers, and experts are all gathering in one place. Two of our very own, Brooke Nixon and Tom Scroggins, will be judging the event. Get to know them and other judges here.

Join others for a three-day startup crash course. Your ticket will get you an audience, a few meals, one-on-one time with mentors, and a new network. To register and learn more visit this site: