2020 Applications for Alabama Hemp Growers and Processors/Handlers Now Open Nicole B. Hampton

Applications for the 2020 Industrial Hemp Program are now being accepted by the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries through November 14, 2019.
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Regulation of Industrial Hemp, CBD, and Medical Cannabis: What are Alabama's Current Cannabis Laws? Robin Pate and Jane Calamusa

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Alabama Department of Agriculture & Industries Accepting Applications for Industrial Hemp Pilot Program Jane Calamusa and Robin Pate

The industrial hemp industry in the United States has seen major growth in the last few years, and with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, this industry is projected to ...
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Animal Protections Enhanced by New Federal Law Nicole B. Hampton

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So You Got a Drone From Santa? Brad Roane

Now What?
A drone is just one part of an Unmanned Aircraft System (“UAS”). The UAS consists of both the flyable drone and the hand-held control unit. All UAS’s must be registered with ...
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Put it in Writing

5 Legal Tips for Startups
Being a lawyer in Tuscaloosa has afforded me the opportunity to work with many entrepreneurs in bringing ideas to reality.  When starting a company there are many different issues and obstacles ...
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Things Are Getting Squirrelly

Emotional Support Animals in the Workplace
A lady and her squirrel get on a plane… While this sounds like the beginning of a joke, the concept of a strange animal making its way onto a plane is ...
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An Epicenter for Entrepreneurship

The River Pitch Competition in Tuscaloosa Will Draw the Attention of Investors and Budding Entrepreneurs
Alabama is becoming a hotbed for large seed-stage investment funding. Big names such as...
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Will Abandoning the Physical Presence Rule Affect Your Pocketbook? Robert M. Spence

State and Local Governments Can Now Require Vendors with No Physical Presence to Collect Sales Tax
On June 21, the United States Supreme Court ruled in South Dakota v. Wayfair that states and local governments can require vendors with no physical presence in the state to collect sales tax. In ...
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The Merger Clause: Essential Defense or False Protection? Nicole B. Hampton and Ann L. Reardon

What protection do merger clauses really provide?
The success of a breach of contract claim may depend on the presence of a merger or integration clause. One of the most common provisions you will find in a contract, ...
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