Social Security Disability

Rosen Harwood has over 29 years of attorney expertise in the area of Social Security Disability.  Our attorneys work closely with clients and have a deep understanding of the unique hardships and strain suffered when someone is unable to work due to a disability. 

When injury or illness makes it impossible for a person to return to work, he or she will often file an application for Social Security Disability benefits. This disabled worker must show that they cannot return to their prior employment or perform other work in the national economy when considering their age, education level, prior work experience, and physical or mental limitations caused by their medical condition. The disabling condition must be in existence or reasonably be expected to be in existence for at least 12 months. 

A disabled worker does not need an attorney to file the application for disability benefits; however, experience shows that with over 650,000 people filing for Social Security Disability benefits each year, 70 percent will be denied at the initial review level.  Once someone is denied, they have only 60 days to appeal that denial from the Social Security Administration.

The attorneys at Rosen Harwood work with clients on their appeal process in seeking disability benefits. Attorney fees are not paid up front. If successful in establishing the claimant is disabled, the lawyer receives a statutorily defined fee from the client’s back due benefits.