Defective Drug and Medical Device Claims

Each year, millions of people suffer serious, debilitating, or fatal injuries associated with prescription drug therapy or defective medical devices. Defective drug and medical device claims are generally classified as product liability cases. Each case is unique, but each must have specific elements in order to be awarded compensation for complications that cause physical, financial, or other injuries. Three of the most common reasons clients need our help are defective design, defective manufacturing, and failure to warn.

The pharmaceutical industry’s purpose is to create and market drugs. Our purpose is to represent clients that have been injured or adversely affected by defective drugs and devices. Companies can be liable for damages under state and federal law if they manufacture dangerous drugs, fail to disclose relevant information, fail to warn of known adverse effects, or fail to perform adequate testing.

We handle the cases in that involve the following drugs and medical devices:

Drugs: Zostavax, Onglyza, Xarelto, Pradaxa, Invokana, Risperdal, Benicar, Actos, Victoza, Zofran, Vioxx, Talcum Powder, Januvia, Ambilify, Taxotere, Opioids

Devices: Hernia Mesh, IVC Filters, DePuy Hip, Stryker Hip, Biomet Hip, Medtronic Infuse Bone Graft, Smith & Nephew Hip Liner, Stryker Knee Implant